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Nothing new about Electric Cars/Electric Vehicles (EVs). How long have we been using electric golf carts at the local course or around our favorite places to vacation? Just keep them charged up, and they are always ready to go, but maybe not too far and not too fast. The main problems of transferring this technology to vehicles that we can safely drive at highway speeds is weight (mainly due to weight of batteries) and the lack of range. Though most of us don't drive our vehicles more than 50 miles everyday (33.4 avg. miles per day - 12,000-15,000 miles per year = 32.9 - 41.1 miles per day), we hesitate to dump our hard earned money into a vehicle that is limited in range. The hybrid-electric car technology is an attempt to provide an electric car that is not limited by range, because when the electricity runs low, the gas motor kicks in and you continue on your way.

Advantages of Electric Cars

The main advantage of electric car is there is no pollution emitted from the tailpipe. This doesn't mean they are pollution free, it just means there is no pollution coming from that vehicle in this city today. The emissions and the pollution are transferred to the electric power plant many miles away. The data seem to support the fact that the amount of carbon released from electric vehicles is less than released by gas-powered vehicles even if 50% of the electricity is produced from fossil fuels (coal, oil or natural gas), so the pollution is less and is removed from the areas that have the most pollution/emission problems. Another advantage, is that Electric cars are very quiet, so quiet in fact, that you will notice other noises (such as tire noises and wind) that used to be masked by the engine noises. Below you will find current listings of electric cars for sale.

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Disadvantages of Electric Cars

They are expensive, partially because the technology for cars (not golf carts) is new and number of producers and models are in short supply. The newer long-life batteries (Lithium) are expensive and the batteries are heavy, which takes energy to move them around. In many cases, the maximum range is short (< 50 miles) and charging stations are not readily available. I read an article about all the trouble a Tesla owner had trying to use a local charging station. He had to get an account, with the charging company, but then none of the connections were compatible. Obviously, more work needs to be done in this area and as more electric cars become available and take to the road, the need will be great and someone will fulfill that need.

Electric Vehicle Terminology

  • EV - Electric Vehicles
  • NEV - Neighborhood Electric Vehicles - Short range (20 miles), slow speed (25 mph), small towns and resort areas.
  • CEV - City Electric Vehicles - Medium ranges (20-100 miles), medium speeds (45 mph) urban driving
  • LSV - Low Speed Vehicles
  • PHEV - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Examples of NEVs:

Kandi Coco - imported from China to dealers in Oklahoma. The Coco seats two, and has a range of 40-60 miles with a top speed of 25 mph. It can be recharged in 6-7 hours and is legal in most states on streets with 35 mph speed limit. Base price for new Coco is $10,599. But the Federal Tax Credit is $4,435, which reduces the price to $6,164. There are also state tax credits (as much as $5,299 in Oklahoma), which makes the final price $865. Who wouldn't do that?

Examples of CEVs: Full Size EV - 100 - 300 mile ranges at High-way speeds, anywhere within range.

Tesla Roadster Electric Car

Examples of Full Size EVs: 2010 Tesla Roadster can travel 245 miles per charge, and accelerates from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, seats two with a Base Price of $101,500. 2012 Tesla Model S will have 160, 230 or 300 miles battery pack options for range, can accelerate from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, will seat 5 adults and two children. The original advertised base price was $49,900, but that takes into consideration the current $7,500 Fed tax credit. Base Price is $57,400 (for 160 mile), $67,400 ( for 230 mile) and $77,400 for the 300 mile battery pack option. Tesla has 13 stores in North America (11 U.S. States), 13 stores in Europe and also has stores in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.

Tesla charge time varies with method of charging and Tesla offers three options.. The Tesla website claims that the high power wall connector can top the charge off at and additional 56 miles per hour (4 hours for complete charge at 70 amps), The Universal Mobile Connector can add an additional 32 miles per hour of charge (10 hours for full charge at 30 amps) and the Spare Mobile Connector can be used at any place that has electricity, but only adds about 5 miles per hour back into the battery (30 hours for full charge 15 amps).

Nissan Leaf Electric Car

The Nissan Leaf can travel 100 miles (tested range 62-138) on a single charge, charge time from 0-80%, 30 min (with 480 volt quick charge station), 7 hours (220 Volt), 20 hours (120v), maximum speed 90 mph, seats five with a Base Price of $32,780.

Coda EV

The Coda EV seats 4 or 5, has a range of between 90-120 miles and has a maximum speed of 80 mph. The base price is $44,900, but qualifies for the full $7,500 Federal Tax Credit. full charge 6 hours (220 Volt), 2 hour charge will add 40 miles. Manufactured in California. Can't find info on Dealerships, but you can reserve one online.

Weego LiFe Electric Cars for Sale

Wheego LiFe EV - Not sure where to put the Wheego LiFE (Li=Lithium & Fe= Iron), though small and only seats two like NEVs and CEVs, we placed it with the full-sized EVs because it can travel 100 miles on a single charge and has a maximum speed of 65 mph. The LiFe can be charged from 0-50% power in 5 hours (using 220V) and has a base price of $32,995 (also qualifies for $7,500 Federal Tax Credit), and there are dealers in 16 states.

PHEV - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles - unlimited range at High-way speeds, but uses internal combustion engine to keep batteries charged.

Chevy Volt Electric Vehicle

Examples of PHEVs:

Chevy Volt - unlimited range due to gas engine, but range is 30-35 miles before engine kicks in, Seats 4, charge time 11 hours (120 Volt) and 5 hours (220V) according to Popular Mechanics, 0-6 in just under 9 seconds (top speed 101 mph), $40,280 base price (qualifies for $7,500 Federal Tax Credit).

Coming Soon: Toyota is making a plug-in Prius and has been testing vehicles in Seattle (averaging 51 mpg overall and 59 mpg City). The Prii (Yes, plural of Pruis is Prii - look it up!) are scheduled to arrive in 2012.

Ford plans to have PHEVs ready for 2012, though they have been using a Ford Escape for a demo, they recently announced the first PHEV in the U.S. will be the "C-Max", a 5 seat minivan.

Electric Vehicles - US Gov information site

December 9, 2016